Looking back on the 2017 AAOS Annual Meeting in San Diego

The Executive and Recruitment Teams with Synergy Surgicalists always look forward to the week each year that we are able to spend at the AAOS Annual Meeting. Synergy is a virtual company, so we get even more excited when we are able to connect face-to-face with our surgeon partners and meet new candidates.

Spending time at the annual meeting reminds me exactly why it is so important to keep sharing the Synergy story and speaking with as many new potential surgeon partners as we can. We work with orthopedic and with general surgeons, and I can tell you, all of them are working very hard. We continue to hear the story about “the treadmill” – the daily work pattern that just does not stop and begins to take over a person’s life.

I know that you hear it and read about it from Synergy all the time, but we can and do bring back the work/life balance that surgeons and their families so desperately want. We invited all of our current Synergy partners to attend our social reception in San Diego. It was a great night to reconnect with some of them and hear, once again, how satisfied and thankful our surgeon partners are for the really gratifying work that they are able to do, and for the time they now get to spend with family and friends.

This year, I met more incredible orthopedic surgeons in San Diego, and I was able to learn even more about different practice situations around the country. So many talented surgeons are searching for a more manageable way to work and have a full life. They want career stability, but they also want some well-deserved freedom. The Synergy model is solving this “treadmill” problem in some pretty fantastic ways.

I am lucky to be able to attend the AAOS Annual Meeting and share the story and the opportunities that Synergy Surgicalists provides. We are talking to more facilities every day, so you will continue to see even more programs initiated across the country. Now that we are home, the feeling that lingers with me is that there are still so many outstanding surgeons looking for a better way to work. I am grateful to all of them for listening to our story and our opportunities.

Synergy will stay true to our mission and continue to transform the way orthopedic and general surgical services are provided while delivering the highest value to our patients, hospitals, surgeon partners, and communities. The magic is in the surgeons who deliver the care.

The 2017 AAOS Annual Meeting reminded me just how many surgeons are ready and waiting to hear our story. They are ready to make a change and join a collaborative skilled team that wants to focus on taking care of patients. They are ready to talk to Synergy Surgicalists. If you want to learn more about our story and how to partner with Synergy, please click here to contact us directly. We can’t wait to start the conversation.

Suzanne Barnette, VP Marketing and Recruitment


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