See How We Improve Your Quality of Patient Care

We believe the key to a strong partnership is understanding a facility’s unique needs and delivering the right solutions to help them succeed.

Synergy Surgicalists improves the quality of emergent and urgent patient care, and relieves the burden of ED call coverage from community surgeons.

The Synergy Team brings consistent, highly skilled surgeons that integrate with your medical staff and collaborate to provide the highest level of care.

The benefits of a Synergy partnership

  • Improve care – Enhance the quality of emergent and urgent patient care.
  • Relieve the burden of ED call coverage – Our highly skilled surgeons integrate with the medical staff of the hospital, including participating in facility meetings and community events.
  • Achieve faster response times – We set and monitor benchmarks for faster response times. 
  • Get improved outcomes – We help decrease wait times for open fractures and other surgical emergencies, plus coordination of care is improved for poly-trauma patients.
  • Get full coverage of orthopedic and general trauma – With the advent of sub-specialization, fewer surgeons are equipped to cover the diverse needs of acute orthopedic, general, and trauma surgical care. Synergy can provide this coverage.
  • Increase elective volumes – Cases and schedules can proceed without interruption when the facility provides an “urgent/emergent OR” for added cases. 
  • Significantly increase consults and revenue – Published studies have shown improved documentation and billing increases consults and revenue, which helps offset program expenses and generates additional income.
  • Measure and analyze quality metrics – We conduct this research to help facilities meet and exceed benchmarks and our quality data is shared with Synergy surgeons.

How community surgeons benefit from a Synergy partnership

  • No call responsibilities on unassigned patients.
  • Surgicalists will refer all elective cases back to the community provider
  • Surgicalists will partner with community surgeons – The Synergy team is ready to help at the level requested to assist with urgent problems
  • Local practice is no longer interrupted by acute patients in the ED.
  • Night and weekend disruptions are eliminated. 
  • No more adjustments to office schedules due to call schedule assignments
  • Local surgeons can focus on solely elective practice.
  • Increase in efficiency – expected 20% increase in efficiency when ED call is eliminated
  • Local practices can see more volume and more income or steady volume and increased free time.