Hire Synergy Surgicalists

with CEO John Campbell

What can Synergy Surgicalists do for my organization?

1Improvement in Quality of Care

Synergy Surgicalists provides an answer to the crisis of providing quality emergent/urgent surgical care.

2 Fulfillment of On-Call Coverage

Many facilities are struggling to maintain 24/7 on-call coverage for surgical services. The reasons are multifaceted and include: relative shortage of surgeons, high malpractice exposure, unwillingness from surgeons to disrupt revenue generating elective procedures, the migration of surgeons from hospitals to ambulatory surgery centers to avoid on-call duties, poor reimbursement, and no on-call incentives.

3Faster Response Times

Since consultations interrupt elective schedules, many patients must wait for hours in the ED before a surgeon can “get to them.” These emergencies also greatly disrupt the on-call surgeon’s elective schedule often resulting in a revenue compromise. Synergy Surgicalists will set a benchmark of response times and is constantly monitoring to ensure compliance.

4 Faster Mobilization to the OR for Urgent/Emergent Surgery

Outcomes improve as wait times decrease. Orthopedic and general surgeon surgicalists show improved outcomes by decreasing wait times for open fractures and other surgical emergencies. Improved coordination of care for poly-trauma patients is another opportunity area for improvement.

5 Matching Emergent Needs with Surgeon Skills

With the advent of sub-specialization, fewer surgeons are equipped to cover the diverse needs of acute orthopedic and general surgical care. Many orthopedic and general surgeons have developed a practice of sub-specialization, such as hand or total joints, and have fallen out of general practice. Synergy Surgicalists is skilled in the management of orthopedic and general trauma.

6 Increasing Volume of Elective Schedule

Providing acute orthopedic and general surgical care will increase elective volume by allowing cases to proceed uninterrupted. This holds true if the facility provides an “urgent/emergent OR” for add-ons. Surgeons will no longer need to interrupt their elective procedures to provide acute care.

7Increase in Number of Consults and Revenue

Published studies have shown a 190% increase in consults with a 415% increase in revenue which were attributed to improved documentation and billing. These additional revenues offset the cost of the program and can generate additional income.

8 Future Quality Incentives

Synergy Surgicalists has developed quality incentives based on patient and physician satisfaction scores, response times, readmission rates, and surgical site infections which will help hospitals meet future metrics and benchmarks.