The Synergy Surgicalists Story…the MBA project that became a successful healthcare solution.

Synergy Surgicalists is a national, surgeon-run organization with the goal of providing the highest quality orthopedic and general surgery care in the acute setting and in rural communities. Synergy’s leadership provides exceptional value to hospital and physician partners.

Synergy was the product of an MBA assignment to design a business plan for a company that solves a problem in healthcare.  The 2011 PEMBA cohort group was composed of Rand Schleusener (Orthopedics), Brian Holroyd (Emergency Medicine), Julie Conyers (General Surgery), and myself, John Campbell (Orthopedics). We all worked very well together throughout the year, and it did not take long for us to come up with a major issue — the problem of surgeons covering call. Rand, Julie, and I all disliked the inconvenience and inefficiencies of covering call. Brian’s point of view was a little different. He believed that surgeons did not want to be disrupted to come to the emergency room, and they were sometimes difficult to manage.

Our team came up with the concept of surgicalists. Once we did some research, we found that there were a few hospitals in the country that had instituted an acute care general surgery model. Surgeons at the University of California – San Francisco coined the term surgicalists. There was also one other company in the country that was providing an orthopedic acute care model. The business plan came together, and we presented our concept at the mock venture capital fair for our class. The positive feedback we received from the class was just the encouragement we needed, and we decided that this was the next adventure.

Rand and I launched Synergy Surgicalists and incorporated in March of 2012, and our first contract was finalized in April of 2014. We continued to look for new clients, and began hiring corporate employees.

Currently, Synergy provides services for staffing and processes for orthopedic and general surgery surgicalists. We provide the team of surgeons, actively work to implement the program, and address other needs of the individual hospitals. The community (elective) surgeons can focus on their private practices and not worry about the burden of call. Synergy Surgicalists brings positive outcomes for both the hospital and the community.

Our surgeon team members enjoy working as partners with Synergy Surgicalists. We are not a locum company. Our surgeons work as part of a consistent team at one hospital. They enjoy becoming part of the medical staff and medical community where they work.

Since launching our first contract in 2014, we now have 22 contracts in 12 states. We have 12 corporate employees and approximately 80 surgeons working with us.

Synergy Surgicalists is growing rapidly. Rand and I are thankful that we had the opportunities PEMBA education provided. We would not have had the opportunity to found Synergy Surgicalists without it.

If you’re ready to join our team, contact us with your CV here.